Official Mizuno Rockman in Color

Truforce has released an official image of their upcoming Mizuno Megaman and it looks gorgeous. It also looks exactly like the colored Mizuno Rockman photoshop image I worked on! Surprisingly! I will place them side by side for comparison. I have been contacted by... read more

TruForce releases Mizuno Megaman blast effects

TruForce collectibles recently posted this on their facebook page revealing the upcoming Mizuno Rockman‘s blast effects. It features normal shot, charge shot, and some variation shots. Based from the photos, it is a 3-part blast effect. This figure is going to... read more

AD31 Optimus Prime

Takara Tomy AD-31 Armor Knight Optimus Prime – the best transforming Age of Extinction (AOE) version of Optimus Prime that is currently out there. One of the best features of the AD31 Optimus is the swappable face. At last, we have an actual Optimus Prime who... read more

Mizuno Megaman X Figure in Color

The Mizuno Megaman X has gained popularity ever since the April Fool’s joke came out. This is my digibash work on the upcoming TruForce Megaman X designed by Keisuke Mizuno (of Maverick Hunter and Powered Up fame). X will have a new futuristic look and fully... read more

Mizuno Mega Man X

Do you remember the April Fool’s joke CAPCOM played on Rockman fans? Well, it’s happening according to Ucchy of Rockman Unity teased fans with a Mega Man X figure composed by Keisuke Mizuno, which displayed X with almost an Ironman-like... read more