KidRobot Mega Man Release

Good news to Rockman fans out there! According to KidRobot’s facebook page, the full Mega Man Capsule is launching Tuesday, August 4th in stores and online at! This includes the mini series, keychains, and medium figures!... read more

Arcee Transformers Legends LG10

Arcee debuted in the first Transformers movie back in the 80’s and is easily lovable and remembered because she’s the most popular female transformer around. With the recently concluded Philippine ToyCon 2015, I was finally able to get one! And a takara... read more

Ultimate Armor Rockman X

The ultimate armor made its debut on Rockman X4 as a secret armor where the NOVA strike can execute enemies with a single attack. Attached is my photo of the D-arts release Rockman Ultimate Armor X. Behind him is the custom armory I made for the Bandai classics build... read more